Adding a command with multiple Varibles - Notority Cheat

From the script command menu, select the "Global Object Commands"

Select the "add notoriety" command

Then you enter the first varible, which is the race to add notorty too, goto "Select Race"

Then choose the race you want yo adjust the notoriety for, IE Argon

Once selected, you will be taken back to the script editor, but there are other varibles to set

Use left and right arrow keys to select the varible to change then press enter, select the second one now

This is the race to add the notoriety for, so to give yourself more rep, you use the "Player" race, in this list this will be displayed as your pilots named, but change to "Player" when selected
Goto "Select Race" again then choose "Argon"

Now for the third and final varible, which is the value to add

Now select "<Number>"

Enter the number of notority points to add, usually between 1 and 40

Now the script is finished, escape and save, now run the script whenever you need a boost in Argon Rep

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