Bounty Hunters Guild

Current Version: V2.80 - Updated On: 24/07/2007

Script Type: Guild/Missions

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Requires EMP (EMP adds the required wares to the game)

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Bounty Hunt


1. Introduction

The bounty hunters guild allows you to make a living as a bounty hunter. Each race will register thier criminals with the guild for the members to hunt. Once joining the guild you will be able to view the various bountys available on the BBS. The bounties are always changing so you can keep looking back for more of them.

The Guild also builds thier own stations throughout the universe, these are a good place to find the bounties listing for all races and where you need to go to claim your prize money.

The guild has its own ranking system, when you claim bounties you will increase in rank, gaining you access to more lucrative bounties.


2. Installation and Settings

To install, you simply use the Plugin Manager to install. You also need to remember to enable the script editor for the scripts to work, this only needs to happen once in your saved game, so if you have already enabled it, or running other scripts already, then you can skip this.

There are various options avaialble to you for this script, these are found in the Artifical Life Settings, which is in the Gameplay Options Menu.


Al Menu

You will find various settings for the script, there are 4 in total, all will be enabled by default.

Al Settings


3. The Bounty Hunters Guild

To start as a bounty hunter, the first thing you need to do is join the Guild. You do this by finding one of the Guild Headquaters throughtout the universe. The Guild application will be found on the BBS. The guild is a very busy place and they dont always have space for new members. If you dont find the application, then you just have to keep coming back until theres enough space for you to join.

Finding the stations can sometimes be a challenge, they could be built anywhere in the universe, although hints will be available on the BBS when new stations are created, so look out for them, as they will give you the sector they are in.

Build Station

Also remember that when searching for them, they are not always close to the center. So move further out to try to find them. There could be upto 10 stations in the universe at any one time but they do take time to be built, so at the start of the game, they might not be available.

Once you find the application, you will have to pay an initial fee to join.


When you are a member of the Guild, you will be able to view your status and what level you are currently at. This is done via the Ships Additional Command Slot

Addional Command Slots

You will find the command called "View Guild Status". This commands works for all the Guilds that you are a member of.


Once selected, you will be sent a message with your current level/rank within the guild. Check you message log.



4. Finding Bounties

Once you are a member of the guild, you can start hunting for bounties to make your living. To find bounties, all you need to do, is check the BBS and the bounties will be listed as well as more details about the bounty like the ships name and where it can be found. The bounties will fly aorund, so they are not always around the same sector so you will have to search for them. But they should be close by, they never stray too far from thier home sector.


In the Bounty Messages, you will be provided with several information you will need. The first is the Name and race of your target. The there is a sector they was spotted in, ie "Blue Profit", this is the bounties "Home" sector, and although they are not always in that sector, they will be close by, so you should also search around the surrounding sectors as well. You are also given the ship name and ID, you need to use the ID so you can recognise the ship to attack.

The targets will also either be for capturing or killing, or sometimes both, and you will get seperate payments for each. IF they only offer a payment for capture, and you kill the target, you will not be paid.

Finally, you will be told the aproximate time the bounty will last for, after this time, you may no longer be able to find the bounty. If the bounty is still around after the time expires, you can still claim the bounty, but you will have to hurry, otherwise they might end up leaving thier ship.


There are 2 options available, the first, is to upload the data to your logbook, this simply copies the whole display so you can review it in your logbook later. The other is for the Tracking information, see below for more details.


5. Tracking Bounties

You can track bounties by paying a certain amount of credits, the ship will be tagged by the guild. This allows you to easily recognise the bounty as they will be highlighted in the sector list making it easier to spot.


On top of highlighting the ship, you can also contact the guild for thier tracking information, this costs a certain amount of money, but you will be given the current sector the ship is in making it easier to find. To use the tracking information, there is a command in the Ships Additional Command Slots.


When selecting the option, you will receive an incomming message with the cost of the track and then you have to agree to pay to get the information


Once you agree to the payment, you will be displayed with all the ships you are currently tracking as well as the sector you can find them in.

Tracked Targets


6. Claiming Bounties

To claim bounties you first need to either kill or capture your target. To kill the target, simply destroy thier ships, and to capture them, you have to force them to bail, and scoop up the ejected pilot.

You will then need to go back to any of the Guild HQ's to claim your bounties, if you have captured the bounty, they will be in your cargo hold. Once you docked at the HQ, you need to use the Ships Additional Command to claim the bounties.


The command will only appear when you are docked at the Guild HQ. Once selected, you will be paid for any bounties u've killed and any that u've captured in your cargo hold.