Cargo Bay Energy Divert System

Current Version: V1.10 - Updated On: 27/11/2006

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1. Introduction

This script allows you to divert energy used to maintain your cargo bay extensions into your engines to give you some extra speed but will reduce the amount of cargo capacity. You can only get a boost on your free space.


2. Getting the Device

You can find the device available from all good Teladi Space Equipment docks, and costs roughtly 100'000 credits. The script uses the Plugin Manager custom wares, so you'll need to make sure its enabled so you can use them.


Once you buy it and load it on your ship then you are ready to use it.


3. Using the Device

To use the device, you must first assign a hotkey for you to use to activate and deactive it. You assign the hotkey via the standard controls menu, its found in the "Interface" tab.


Once you have set the hotkey all you need to do is press the hotkey to activate it, then press it again to deactivate it. If you dont have enough free space or cargo bay extensions installed, the command will fail. You also need energy cells to keep the system running, aproximatly 1 cell every few seconds. When you run out of energy the device will automatically switch off.


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