Emergeny Escape Transport Extension

Current Version: V1.00 - Updated On: 25/07/2007

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This script adds a new update available for your ship, the Emergancy Escape Transporter Extension. Its useful for those who play games without reloading all the time so you can protect yourself from death.



1. Background

Due to the passive nature of the goners, they started researching in new ways to keep themselves safe as the universe becomes even more hostile.

Based on thier Transported device technology, they created a new device that hooks into the Transporter but allows it to beam the whole ship away from battle proteting the ship from exploding and saving the pilot's life.

Due to the nature of the device, it requires alot of power for it to work, and will end up draining your ships shields. Also, the device had to be adapted so it could beam the whole ship including the device, which causes the ships systems to overload and damage the ships hull, but managing to keep the pilot safe, so it should only be used as a last resort.


2. Using the Device

To use the device, first you need to set the hotkey to activate it, this is found in the Controls menu in Options. In the "Interface Tab" scroll to the bottom section of command to find the "Emergency Transport" command and assign a key to it.

You can buy the device from the Goner Temple or any Goner owned Equipment Docks.

Then all you need to do to use it, is install the device in your ship and use the Hotkey. Remember it will damage your ships hull, so its best not to do it if you have little or no damage to ur hull. The device will never cause the ship to explode, so you dont have to worry how low you hull level is.


3. Automatic Escape Software

This is an extra peice of software that will moniter your ships condition, when it becomes too damaged, it will automatically kick in the Transport to escape from battle with your life.

To use it, you just need to active it the command from your ships additional command slots, and it will remain running until you deactive it.

The command can be used on all of your ships, and not just the one your flying.