Satalite Early Warning Network

Current Version: V1.20 - Updated On: 09/03/2007

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1. Introduction

The satalite early warning network makes use of you advanced satalites to detect and warn you about enemy ships in the sector. This allows you to send ships to deal with the threat before they start to attack instead of waiting for one of your ships to be attacked.


2. Setting up the Network

All you need to do to setup the network, is to add some of your advanced satalites to the network. This is done via your ships command console, in the combat sub menu.

Network Command

Once runnign the command, you will then select the satalite you wish to add, this must be an advanced satalite. If you select one thats already in the network, then it will be removed, otherwise, it will be added. Selecting any other type of ships will just cause an error.

Once added, you will see the SEWN prefix on the end of the satalite name so you can see which satalites are already part of the network.


When a ship is detected, you will head a voice saying which sector the ship is in as well as a message in your personal log book.


3. Network Configuration

You can configure the network to only report certain types of ships instead of all enemy ships, to do this, you must first assign a hotkey to the configuration, this is done via the standard controls setup.


Using the Configuration hotkey will send you a message where you can select the types of ships for the network to detect.



You can also configure each satalite individually, so some sectors can detect fighters whereas others you might just want the large ships.

To configure the individual satalites, you use the same hotkey however you have to have the satalite you wish to configure targeted, then using the hotkey will configurate the satalite instead of the whole network.


You have the same options as with the network settings, with one extra, this is the "Global Settings". When set to this, you satalites will use the settings you have set for the whole network, all satalites will start off using global settings.


4. Satalite Replacement Service

You can hire a service to make sure your satalites are replaced when they get destroyed, they will automatically be added back to the network with the same settings as the previous one.

These sevices are per sector based, and you will find them on the BBS.


Once signed up, you will be charged a small hourly fee for them to moniter your satalites. When you add new satalites to the sector they will automatically be added to the moniter list so you dont have to do anything once you have signed up. when a satalite is destroyed, they will be replaced automatically for you.

The replacement service runs as an AL Plugin, so you can enable or disable it when you want. When disabling it, the settings for the sectors are stored so they will start working again when you enable them.

The AL Settings are found in the Game Play options menu.

AL Menu

In this menu you will fidn the options for the Replacement Service.

Al Setting

This is also a hotkey avaialble to view the list of contracts that you currently have. It will list each sector and allow you to cancel the contract in the current sector your in. Just press the hotkey and you will receive the report via an incomming message.


To cancel a contract, you need to goto the sector you wish to cancel then view thecontracts and you will have the option to cancel the contract.


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