Taxi Drivers Guild

Current Version: V1.10 - Updated On: 10/03/2007

Script Type: Guild/Missions

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Requires EMP (EMP adds the required wares to the game)

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1. Introduction

This script adds a new guild for you to join and take on new and interesting missions in your careear as a taxi driver. Once joining the guild, u will be able to find various missions to ferry people around the universe for profit.


2. The Guild

To join the merchants guild, you will need to apply for the membership from the BBS in the Taxi Drivers Guild Stations, only the guild stations will have the membership, but they wont always have it available, so you might have to keep coming back until the application is available to you.

Once joined, you will be able to get missions from most stations in the universe, although the guild stations will usually have more missions available to you.

There is a one time fee to join the guild, once you have paid, you wont have any other charges and can start earning straight away.

The guild stations are also the place to buy the cabin space which is required for all missions, the amount you need is dependant on the mission.

3. Cabin Sapce

The cabin space is a ware that allows you to transport passengers, each passenger requires a different amount of space depending on thier preference, but on average, they require at least 5 spaces.

There are 2 types of cabin space available, basic and luxury, the luxury is more expensive but some higher paying missions require luxury space. You dont need both types of space, if you have luxury space installed, you can use it for basic transport as well.

Cabin space can be bought from the Guild Stations.

4. Taxi Drivers Guild Stations.

A few stations will be built by the taxi drivers guild around the universe where you can buy the cabin space upgrades, these are only available to those who have joined the guild.

The station will also have higher priority for taxi missions on the BBS, and is the only place you can join the guild.

When a new shipyard is built, there will be a BBS news article broadcast where the new station is built, so check the BBS for these ;)

You can disable the stations via the AL Settings menu in the Gameplay options screen, disabling it will remove all existing stations from the universe, and when reenabling it again will slowly start to build more stations randomly.


5. Missions.

5.1. Basic Transport Mission:

Transport passengers from one station to another within a set time, some missions will require a certain ship class, the main one being TP class ships.
others will accept any ship. There must be enough cabin space in your ship to take on the mission, Luxury passengers will pay more but require the more
expensive luxury cabin space.

Passengers like to see the universe around so using the jumpdrive is not allowed, it will be removed from your ship for the duration of the mission, you
can also not change ships.

5.2. Pick up and Transport Mission:

Simlar to the basic transport mission, but you must first pickup the passengers from another station and transport them to thier destination.

Jumpdrives will be removed once you pickup the passengers, so you can jump to the pick up station but not use it for the rest of the mission.

5.3. Station Transport Tour:

Transport passengers between a few stations, when docking at the next station, you will be told which station to goto next and how long you have to get
there. Like the other missions, you will require enough cabin space to hold the passengers.

Jumpdrives are also not allowed on this mission.

5.4. Joy Riding:

Some passengers just like to ride aboard starships and will pay for a joyride, for this mission, you can just go about your normal routine with the passengers
on board. Eventually they will decide they have had enough and the mission will end, you will get paid based on how much the passengers enjoyed the trip.
This is not likt the tour of life missions as theres no set time limit and the price is based on more than just the number of sectors. The price is a
balance between number of sectors, time spent in each sector, number of stations visited etc. Jumpdrive is allowed to be used on this mission.

you can have more than one passenger on board at anyone time, so you can fill your cabins to maximise your profits.


6. Change Log